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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Author: thevikingabroad

7 Things to Know About Before Travelling to The UK

The United Kingdom is huge, and there’s a lot to see. It’s also a very unique place. If you’ve never been there before, you might be surprised to find that it’s a lot more complex than you’ve expected. In order to make the most of...

Taquile Island-A Must-Visit In Titicaca, Peru

Taquile island is a long, but small island on the Peruvian side of Titicaca lake. It is 35 km from Puno and takes roughly two-three hours to get there by boat, but depending on the speed. The Taquile scenery almost reminds you of being...

How Solar Power Can Transform Your Camping Experience

Solar power is soon to become the defining power source, and it is said that the sun provides enough energy to power everything we need, and a lot more, and with an estimated 500 million years of life left, the sun can provide all our...

Rumiloma Hotel – The Cosiest Hotel in Quito, Ecuador

  Have you ever stayed in a hotel where you feel like you are in a different time? Rumiloma is one of the cosiest hotels I have ever stayed in. It is up to the mountain close to the Cable car Teleferico and Pichincha volcano.  If you are...

Why Travel Brings You Closer To People

Pexels There’s nothing quite like going on an adventure. You can choose to do this alone and learn quite a significant amount about yourself and your character. You can also pursue this experience with someone, and there are many benefits to doing so. One of them...