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21 Things You Have To Do In Havana, Cuba

10 Oct 21 Things You Have To Do In Havana, Cuba

Cuba has become a popular destination for many the last couple of years. If you have limited time make sure to do my favorite 21 Things You Have To Do In Havana, Cuba.

Even though Havana experienced devastation after Hurricane Irma doesn’t mean it is not possible to travel there in the future. I personally would avoid the peak of storm season from August-October. I believe that December would be ok to travel to Havana again, but it is essential to evaluate the conditions then. Cuba needs tourism now more than ever if they lose that they lose it all. 

1.Take a photo in front of the colorful buildings in Paseo de Marti 

In front of Paseo de Marti, Havana, Cuba

You might have seen photos of the colorful buildings in Havana. These are placed in Paseo de Marti, just opposite of El Capitolio.


2.Check out La Guardia and have lunch there 

La Guarida, Havana

 If you want to eat at the famous La Guardia make sure to book a few days before. La Guardia is famous because of the movie Fresa y Chocolate.

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3.Do a guided tour around Havana in an open convertible

Old fashioned car driving along Malecon, Havana


4.Try the insanely good and cheap ice cream at Coppelia in Vedado

 Coppelia Ice cream sign

 It is mostly locals going to Coppelia, eating a lot of ice creams. It is very cheap and you can pay with CUP. 


5.Check out the many murals and propaganda banners

Propaganda graffiti, Havana, Cuba


6.Get a guided tour at Hotel Nacional/enjoy the sunset with a mojito and a beautiful view of El Malecon

Hotel Nacional, Havana


7.Check out the FAC  Fabrica de Arte Cubano

 End your night at the FAC. It opens at 8 pm to 3 am. You see varied of contemporary artworks by Cubans. You can also buy drinks and snacks.


8. Walk around Plaza Vieja and check out one of the cafes



9.Get a guided tour of the huge Necropolis Cemetery

 A huge cemetery that is definitely worth visiting. 




10.Get the feeling how huge Plaza Revolucion is

Plaza De La Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

 Plaza Revolucion might not be very interesting but it is fascinating to see how big it is. This is where Fidel Castro held many of his speeches. The Plaza can room over 160,000 people!


11.Check out the abandoned mansions in Vedado

Abandoned mansion in Vedado, Havana

After the revolution, the mansions were abandoned and it is fascinating to see that they are still there. Talk to the locals and ask about the history of the different mansions.


12.Have a serious chat with John Lennon in the Lennon Park in Vedado


Sitting with John Lennon in Vedado, Havana

 There is usually a man there that tells you a little about the park and put the round glasses on John Lennon. 


13.Walk along El Malecon

 You will always see the classic cars driving along El Malecon. There are lots of people sitting on Malecon around sunset. You can walk all the way from Vedado and you will end up in front of the Lighthouse and Castillo de Los Tres Santos Reyes.


14.Check out the graffiti at Callejon de Hamel

Grafitti in Havana, Callejon de Hamel

Get a drink with the locals and enjoy the amazing graffiti. 


15.Observe the street life in Old and Central Havana

Kids playing in the streets of Old Havana

 You will see kids playing in the street everywhere. 

Next step: Old Havana – A Self-Guided Walking Route With Map


16.Check out the Cannon fire at 9 pm at Morro Cabana

Sunset over Malecon, Havana

 Before the fire of the cannon, it is a ceremony that has been a tradition that started in the 17th century. It is every day at 9 pm. But be there a lot earlier if you want to see the show.


17.Check out Capitolio de La Habana

Capitolio de La Habana



18.Go on a public tour inside Hotel Inglaterra

Hotel Inglaterra, Habana Vieja, Cuba


 19.Have a mojito and listen to the musicians at the birthplace of the Mojito La Bodeguita del Medio

Musicians playing in Bodeguita del medio, Havana Cuba

Bodeguita gets really crowded during the day. Get there later in the afternoon if you can.


20.Check out the beautiful Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana

Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana


 21. Check out Castillo de la Real Fuerza and Plaza de Armas.


Before you go this is must read if you are traveling to Cuba soon: How to plan for a trip to Cuba in 2017 

Are you planning on going to Havana what are you planning to do there? Or if you have been, what did you do?

Must haves for a trip to Cuba




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