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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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The Top 4 Places for Stargazing

The universe is filled with the majestic beauty of galaxies and an endless sky looking at which is no less than a meditation itself. However, the excessive use of vehicles and industrialization has led to extreme pollution. Therefore, it has almost become impossible to see...

How Can You Travel Long Term?

Many travel addicts can’t get enough of travelling and want to come up with more and more ideas of how they can travel, and what they can do to enable them to travel for longer. There are loads of great ideas out there that can...

Everything you need to know about visiting Frankfurt
Everything you need to know about visiting Frankfurt

One of Germany’s gems, Frankfurt spans further than just another financial hub. This universal and diverse city is thriving with culture and vibrancy with so much to do and see, you will be spoiled for choice when visiting this fantastic destination. It is a global...

How To See Madrid If You Only Got A Few Hours

On my way from Ecuador to Norway, I had a long layover in Madrid. I decided to take the opportunity to see a little bit of Madrid. I have a friend living there and planning a short itinerary with her in advance. Here is a...