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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Jealous of Your Friends’ Travels? 7 Tips To Overcome Travel Envy

Travel envy can sting. You’re enjoying your morning coffee and scrolling through your social media only to see an acquaintance exploring the Italian countryside while you’re getting ready for another stressful day at work. Travel envy, like any beast, can be defeated. All you need...

travel documenting
Tips And Tricks For Documenting Your Journeys

When you embark on an exciting journey, you want to hold on to the memories of your trip. But’s all too easy to forget the little details. If you want to preserve your travelling journeys for years to come, it’s best to document as you...

Mountain rhododendron blossoming
7 Tips to Be a More Sustainable Traveler

Pink rhododendron flowers and happy young woman on summer mountainside(Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains) Travelling, unfortunately, isn’t always the most sustainable activity. But, if you’re concerned about the environment and local communities, there are plenty of things you can do to limit the effect your travels have upon...

Small Budget but Want to Travel? Here’s What You Can

For some of us, travelling can seem like an unachievable fantasy. With bills, memberships, subscriptions, food and social activities, our day to day living expenses can be so high we can’t even consider clocking out of real life and heading to an exotic faraway beach....

What To Pack For A Winter-Trip To Europe
What To Pack For A Winter-Trip To Europe

  It is not easy to figure out what to pack for a Winter-trip to Europe. That’s why I have created this essential packing list that covers what to bring of clothes, bags, travel essentials and camera equipment. Think Berlin will be hot during Winter? Nope,...